vrijdag 15 april 2016

Coachella ella ella


Coachella is starting today and that  means we’ve got to talk about Coachella fashion from the past few years.
I can assure you that Coachella is THE most fashionable festival of the year. The rich and  famous  are showing off their most ‘’bohemian’’ looks that they have been preparing for months. To me, the whole tribal spirit seems a bit forced. People like Kendall jenner, who have a really classic and clean style, suddenly start to dress like they are gypsies. Ofcourse  it is nice tot dress up in clothes you wouldn’t wear on a daily basis, but I think it’s way more interesting to see someone’s inner style in such ‘’circumstances’’. That’s why I love Kate Bosworth's looks so much. She really knows how to pull off a bohemian look while keeping it classic. She really stays true to her ‘’inner’’ style.
Ok, I know I sound a little bit dramatic, with the whole ‘’inner style’’ thing. But I just wanted to share my thoughts on this subject. And I would be lying if I’d say that I don’t scroll down my instagram feed every hour, because every look is inspiring to me.

So these are my favourite Coachella looks of the past few years:

Kate Bosworth

Mimi Elashiry

Danielle Bernstein, creator of "We Wore What"

Leandra Medine, creator of "the man repeller"

Chiara Ferragni, creator of "the blonde salad"

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